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Glass Gem


Produces a diversity of gorgeous translucent, jewel-colored ears, each one unique. A stunning corn variety selected over many years by Carl Barnes, a part-Cherokee farmer and breeder from Oklahoma. Selected from crossing several traditional corn varieties and saving seed from the vivid, translucent kernels. Size of ears range from 3-8 inches. Corn plants commonly produce numerous tillers, or side stalks, which also produce ears. Height of plants depend upon quantity of water, but can reach up to 9 feet, typically 6 feet. A popcorn, the kernels may be ground into cornmeal or popped. Glass Gem can be harvested approximately 110-120 days after planting when the husks are dry and brown for the most intense and translucent colors. Gifted to NS/S by Bill McDorman who acquired the seed from Greg Schoen, one of Carl's students. To read the story behind this magnificent corn, check out this Native Seeds Blog post.

Approx. 9g packet/50 seeds, or  2oz bulk/300+ seeds.  For those interested in saving seeds we recommend growing at least 200 plants. Limit 3 on 2 oz size, please.

All photos shown here are copyrighted by Greg Schoen and used with permission.



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