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White Sonora Wheat Flour Now Available

14 September, 2012 at 02:03 PM

We have an exciting announcement: We now have Arizona-grown and -milled White Sonora wheat flour available for purchase from our retail and online stores! This is the first time that locally grown White Sonora has been available in the region in decades. Now's your chance to taste an essential piece of our border region's history!

White Sonora was one of the first wheat varieties introduced to Baja, Sonora and Arizona by Spanish missionaries in the late 17th century. Drought-tolerant, disease-resistant, highly adaptable, nutritious, delicious, low in gluten, and versatile in the kitchen, it was a major staple crop in Sonora, Arizona and California up through the first half of the 20th century. White Sonora was responsible for the invention of the wheat flour tortilla, and therefore made burritos and chimichangas possible! It is currently being brought back into commercial production through a collaborative effort spearheaded by Native Seeds/SEARCH.

Whether it's tortillas, bread, pastries, or pizza crust, you will find many great uses for this wheat.

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Welcome to Our New Store!

20 July, 2012 at 09:24 AM

We are pleased to unveil the new Native Seeds/SEARCH online store. We've listened closely to customer feedback on our previous site and believe that you will find much to like about our new store. Here are a few of the many improvements 'in store' for you as you browse and shop for your favorite seeds, food products, and other goodies.

Powerful Search and Filters

Products in the store are now tagged with a wealth of descriptive information. This is especially true for seeds, which are tagged with taxonomic information, country and state of origin, associated Native American tribe (when applicable), suitability for high and/or low desert conditions, and whether it is part of the Native Seeds/SEARCH seed bank collection or part of Tucson Seed (our line of non-Southwest traditional crop varieties). These tags can be used in four ways to help you narrow in on the seeds that are of greatest interest or utility to you:


You can search tags using the normal search box on the right side of the site's menubar. This search capability also extends to product names, descriptions, vendors, and collections.

Product Tag Links

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