Welcome to Our New Store!

20 July, 2012 at 09:24 AM

We are pleased to unveil the new Native Seeds/SEARCH online store. We've listened closely to customer feedback on our previous site and believe that you will find much to like about our new store. Here are a few of the many improvements 'in store' for you as you browse and shop for your favorite seeds, food products, and other goodies.

Powerful Search and Filters

Products in the store are now tagged with a wealth of descriptive information. This is especially true for seeds, which are tagged with taxonomic information, country and state of origin, associated Native American tribe (when applicable), suitability for high and/or low desert conditions, and whether it is part of the Native Seeds/SEARCH seed bank collection or part of Tucson Seed (our line of non-Southwest traditional crop varieties). These tags can be used in four ways to help you narrow in on the seeds that are of greatest interest or utility to you:


You can search tags using the normal search box on the right side of the site's menubar. This search capability also extends to product names, descriptions, vendors, and collections.

Product Tag Links

At the bottom of each product page is a list of tags associated with that product. Clicking on one of these tags will bring you to a list of all products with that tag.


Collection Filters

When browsing a product collection, you will see a dropdown box in the upper right section of the page. This is a list of tags associated with all products in the collection. By selecting one of these tags you can filter the products so that only those with the selected tag are shown. This is a fast and powerful way to filter by a single tag.


Multiple Filters

For the power user in you, it's possible to filter by multiple tags at once. To do this, you simply add the tags to the end of the page's URL. Each tag should be separated by a "+", and any spaces in the tag should be replaced by a "-". Only products that have all the provided tags will be shown. There is no limit to how many tags may be combined in this way.


Bulk Seeds

At long last, it is now possible to order bulk quantities of seeds directly from our store. To do so, look for a size selector on a variety's product page. Bulk quantities are not available for all varieties, but we encourage you to let us know if you don't see what you need.


Social Network Integration

Each product in the store now has a full suite of social network buttons so you can share and comment on the products you like. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, and Pinterest are all there!

Photo Zoom

One of our goals is to eventually provide multiple high-quality photos for each product in the store. To zoom in on a high-resolution product photo, simply move your mouse over it. There are no annoying popups to deal with!


Member Discounts

For this online store only (not for our retail store or mail orders), we are replacing our traditional automatic 10% discount on purchases for members with members-only discount codes which can be redeemed an unlimited number of times. Every three months we will email members a new code for a new promotion, and the previous code will expire. Our goal is to make these discounts even better than a simple 10% discount. The first discount code is for 20% off on all seed purchases, valid through October 31st. Future promotions may target different products or different types of discounts. If you are a member but have not received an email with your code, please let us know. If you are not a member and would like to take advantage of these great discounts while also supporting our important work, you can sign up today!

More to Come

We will be actively adding further new features to the store to make it an even better experience for you. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvements!