Cards by Gerald A. A. Dawavendewa


The designs on these cards are prints of original artwork by Hopi Artist Gerald A. A. Dawavendewa. The inside of these cards are blank allowing you to use these for all special occasions. 

Designs currently available:

Earth Bundle: "Image is from an original painting created on white buckskin that was sent aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour in April of 1994. In the center is the Sun - Taawa. Above the sun are the symbols of the Earth, the Fourth world to the Hopi people, and below the moon. Radiating from the sun are markings representing the milky way. Within the stars are four corn plants, a symbol of the f our directions and of the life that inhabits the fourth world. This is all encompassed by a rainbow - a symbol of life. Placed with the Earth Bundle was a Paaho, a prayer feather for the blessings and prayers for the Astronauts journey. Six Navajo stone fetishes were also included and the whole was blessed by a Tohono O'odham spiritual healer."

Warrior Mouse: "Aliksa'i, The People in the Hopi village of Oravyi, were known to have many chickens. One day some of the chickens disappeared, and the next day more were gone. The people soon discovered a hawk was killing the chickens. They were afraid hawk would soon take all the chickens. The young men tried to stop the hawk but to no avail. The men tried to stop the hawk but failed. The villagers called a meeting to discuss how to stop hawk, but having tried all their ideas they were at a loss. One evening mouse came to the village leader, the Kikmongwi, and said he could try to kill the hawk. The Kikmongwi thought mouse was to small, but still allowed him to try." (Full story on the back of the card.)

Kwaahu (Eagle): "The image depicts a Hopi Eagle spirit, soaring across Taawa, the sun. Kwaahu watches over and protects a figure representing the migrations of humanity - the journeys that people take in life. For the Hopi people, Kwaahu is an important part of Hopi culture and is represented by KwaaKatsina, a spiritual being, who visits the Hopi people. KwaaKatsina performs in a ceremony to pray for moisture and a bountiful harvest of food for the people and to continue the relationship between the Hopi and eagles."



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