Adopt-A-Crop 2018


This year we are celebrating the Southwest's very special bean, the tepary. This resilient, drought-tolerant bean has been stewarded by the tribes of the Greater Southwest for centuries and is still a vital part of traditional diets. Five teparies will be regenerated this year in partnership with farmers in AZ & NM. Please choose one (or more!) seeds to adopt - your donation supports the 2018 growing season and ensures that we can continue to make these and other seeds available to gardeners and farmers.

If you donate $100 or more, we will send you a packet of seeds from the harvest.

Hopi White Tepary:

Coming from Hotevilla at almost 5,600 ft., this is the highest elevation North American tepary in the collection. Perhaps the slightly cooler temperatures to which this tepary is adapted are what make it larger and plumper than most teparies. Traditionally dry-farmed on the Hopi mesas. This bean will be grown in Moenkopi, Hopi by Jeremy King, Traditional Farmer and Cultural Consultant for Moenkopi Developers Corporation. 

Little Tucson Brown:

An early-maturing tepary that comes from Ali Chukson (Little Tucson) east of Sells on the Tohono O'odham Nation. The seeds are a deep burnt orange color, and more round than many of the low desert tepary beans. Janna Anderson, Organic Farmer and Owner of Pinnacle Farms, will be growing this in Phoenix, AZ this season.

Pima Beige and Brown:

This colorful accession comes from Santan on the Gila River Indian Reservation. There is one cup of seed remaining in the seed bank, designated as "seed for regeneration". We'll be growing 1/4 of this seed at the NS/S Conservation Center in Tucson, AZ this season.

Paiute Mixed:

This diverse mixture is the northernmost collection of tepary beans at NS/S. It comes from the Shivwits Paiute Reservation in far southwestern Utah, though the man who shared them said they came through his grandfather's family, who were Mojave. These seeds will be grown in Santa Clara Pueblo, NM this season.

Colonia Morelos Speckled:

Collected by NS/S co-founder Barney Burns in 1988 in Colonia Morelos, Sonora, a farming village at the confluence of two rivers. This beautiful speckled bean was selected out of a batch of mostly white teparies grown by two farmers there. It is one of the few that displays both white and lilac-colored flowers. This crop will be grown by Clayton Harvey and Emily Maheux of Ndee Bikiyaa (The Peoples Farm) in Canyon Day, AZ.

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