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Tepary Beans, Black (Food)


A rare, recent selection from heirloom tepary seed crops, the hearty flavored S-chuuk Bavi (black tepary bean) is as highly nutritious and wholesome as the brown and the white tepary beans. Born of an ancient tradition of separating the black seeds before planting the white or brown teparies, the black seeds were planted grown, harvested and selected over many years to bring out the hidden traits of this unique tepary bean. Its firm texture and subtle, rich flavor works well in many recipes.

Like its cousins the S-totoah bavi (White Tepary) and the S-oam Bavi (Brown Tepary), this S-chuuk bavi (Black Tepary) is drought adapted, has a high soluble and insoluble fiber content, is high in protein and is a low glycemic index food.

Now available in 1lb bag or 5 lb bag.


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type: Food vendor: Ramona Farms