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Crop Variety SKU Wholesale Packet Price
Amaranth Alamos C019 $0
Amaranth Guarijio Grain C005 $0
Amaranth Guatemalan C017 $0
Amaranth Hopi Red Dye C002 $0
Amaranth Mano de Obispo C010 $0
Amaranth Marbled C016 $0
Amaranth Mexican Grain C011 $0
Amaranth Mountain Pima Greens C004 $0
Arugula Arugula TS134 $0
Beet Detroit Red TS025 $0
Beet Golden TS021 $0
Broccoli Waltham 29 TS033 $0
Brussels Sprouts Long Island Improved TS041 $0
Cabbage Danish Ballhead TS057 $0
Cabbage Golden Acre TS058 $0
Cabbage Red Acre TS059 $0
Carrot Scarlet Nantes TS061 $0
Cauliflower Early Snowball TS073 $0
Chile Anaheim TS324 $0
Chile Casados Native D029 $0
Chile Cochiti D021 $0
Chile Del Arbol D001 $0
Chile Del Arbol de Baja California D056 $0
Chile Isleta D015 $0
Chile Jalapeno TS327 $0
Chile Jemez D019 $0
Chile Nambe Supreme D058 $0
Chile Orange Habanero TS328 $0
Chile Patagonia D059 $0
Chile Pequin D010 $0
Chile Pico de Pajaro D051 $0
Chile Poblano TS323 $0
Chile Quatro Milpas D031 $0
Chile San Felipe D007 $0
Chile San Juan 'Tsilé' D024 $0
Chile Santo Domingo D017 $0
Chile Tarahumara Chile Colorado D053 $0
Chile Velarde D050 $0
Chile Zia Pueblo D037 $0
Chile Zia Pueblo Mix D060 $0
Common Bean Alluvias PC013 $0
Common Bean Blue Lake FMIK TS306 $0
Common Bean Bolas Maycoba PC110 $0
Common Bean Chihuahua Ojo de Cabra PC083 $0
Common Bean Flor de Rio PC001 $0
Common Bean Four Corners Gold PC124 $0
Common Bean Frijol Blanco PC133 $0
Common Bean Frijol Chicharero PC004 $0
Common Bean Frijol Manzano PC072 $0
Common Bean Frijol de Sinaloa PC069 $0
Common Bean Hopi Black PC068 $0
Common Bean Hopi Pink PC020 $0
Common Bean Hopi Yellow PC019 $0
Common Bean Mayocoba PC073 $0
Common Bean Mountain Pima 'Vapai Bavi' PC023 $0
Common Bean Mountain Pima Burro & Caballito PC074 $0
Common Bean Mountain Pima Frijol Blanco PC006 $0
Common Bean Mountain Pima Pinto PC115 $0
Common Bean Mountain Pima Plum PC117 $0
Common Bean New Mexico Bolitas PC024 $0
Common Bean Ojito Bolita PC108 $0
Common Bean Provider TS302 $0
Common Bean Rattlesnake TS305 $0
Common Bean San Luis Potosi Flor de Mayo PC028 $0
Common Bean San Luis Potosi Ojo de Cabra PC075 $0
Common Bean San Luis Potosi Vayo Blanco PC092 $0
Common Bean Sangre de Toros PC008 $0
Common Bean Sonoran Canario PC082 $0
Common Bean Taos Brown PC127 $0
Common Bean Tarahumara Azufrado PC033 $0
Common Bean Tarahumara Bakámina PC034 $0
Common Bean Tarahumara Burro & Caballito PC037 $0
Common Bean Tarahumara Cafe PC077 $0
Common Bean Tarahumara Canario PC038 $0
Common Bean Tarahumara Chókame PC042 $0
Common Bean Tarahumara Choliwame PC043 $0
Common Bean Tarahumara Flor de Mayo PC046 $0
Common Bean Tarahumara Frijol Amarillo PC047 $0
Common Bean Tarahumara Frijol Enrayada PC070 $0
Common Bean Tarahumara Frijol Negro PC128 $0
Common Bean Tarahumara Ojo de Cabra PC054 $0
Common Bean Tarahumara Purple Ojos PC014 $0
Common Bean Tarahumara Sitakame PC058 $0
Common Bean Tarahumara Star PC059 $0
Common Bean Tarahumara Vayito PC061 $0
Common Bean Tarahumara Vayo PC060 $0
Common Bean Tohono O'odham Vayo Amarillo PC131 $0
Common Bean Vayo Blanco PC064 $0
Common Bean Vayo de Sonora Sur PC132 $0
Common Bean Walter Brandis Pinto PC206 $0
Common Bean Yoeme Purple String PC071 $0
Corn - Dent Dia de San Juan ZD084 $0
Corn - Dent Mayo Batchi ZD081 $0
Corn - Dent Mayo Tuxpeño ZD083 $0
Corn - Dent Tarahumara Conico ZD067 $0
Corn - Dent Tarahumara Tuxpeno ZD090 $0
Corn - Dent Yoeme Vatchi ZD088 $0
Corn - Flour Escondida Blue ZF139 $0
Corn - Flour Guarijio Maiz Azul ZF039 $0
Corn - Flour Hopi Greasy Head ZF051 $0
Corn - Flour Mayo Tosabatchi ZF009 $0
Corn - Flour Mountain Pima Blando de Sonora ZF058 $0
Corn - Flour Mountain Pima Maiz Azul ZF038 $0
Corn - Flour Navajo Mix ZF121 $0
Corn - Flour Navajo White ZF014 $0
Corn - Flour San Felipe Pueblo White ZF053 $0
Corn - Flour Santo Domingo Rainbow ZF032 $0
Corn - Flour Santo Domingo White ZF123 $0
Corn - Flour Southern Maiz Negro ZF087 $0
Corn - Flour Tarahumara Gordo ZF020 $0
Corn - Flour Tarahumara Harinoso de Ocho ZF057 $0
Corn - Flour Tarahumara Maiz Azul ZF021 $0
Corn - Flour Tohono O'odham 60-Day ZF016 $0
Corn - Flour Vadito Blue ZF124 $0
Corn - Flour/Flint Gila Pima A'al Hu:ñ ZL060 $0
Corn - Flour/Flint Guarijio Maiz Amarillo ZT045 $0
Corn - Flour/Flint Mountain Pima Cristalino de Chih. ZT030 $0
Corn - Flour/Flint Mountain Pima Maiz Ancho ZL056 $0
Corn - Flour/Flint Nambe White ZL079 $0
Corn - Flour/Flint Onaveño ZT111 $0
Corn - Flour/Flint Rio Lucio Concho ZL074 $0
Corn - Flour/Flint Santo Domingo Posole ZL126 $0
Corn - Flour/Flint Southern Maiz Blanco ZL058 $0
Corn - Flour/Flint Tarahumara Pepitillo ZL036 $0
Corn - Flour/Flint Tarahumara Serrano ZL054 $0
Corn - Popcorn Chapalote 'Pinole Maiz' ZP090 $0
Corn - Popcorn Flor del Rio ZP093 $0
Corn - Popcorn Glass Gem TS363 $0
Corn - Popcorn Reventador ZP092 $0
Corn - Popcorn Tarahumara Epachi ZP102 $0
Corn - Sweet Chihuahuan Maiz Dulce ZS107 $0
Corn - Sweet Golden Bantam Improved TS360 $0
Corn - Sweet Guarijio Red ZS106 $0
Corn - Sweet Maricopa ZS127 $0
Corn - Sweet Mountain Pima Yellow ZS114 $0
Corn - Sweet Stowell's Evergreen TS361 $0
Cowpea Bisbee Black V001 $0
Cowpea Bisbee Red V002 $0
Cowpea Corrientes V013 $0
Cowpea Ejotero V011 $0
Cowpea Guarijio Frijol Gamuza V008 $0
Cowpea Guarijio Muni Café V007 $0
Cowpea Mayo Colima V003 $0
Cowpea Mayo Speckled V015 $0
Cowpea Mountain Pima Yori Muni V016 $0
Cowpea Pima Bajo V009 $0
Cowpea Sonoran Yori Muni V004 $0
Cowpea Tarahumara V019 $0
Cowpea Tetapeche Gray Mottled V005 $0
Cowpea Texas V020 $0
Cowpea Tohono O'odham V006 $0
Cowpea Yori Cahui V014 $0
Cucumber Armenian Long TS318 $0
Cucumber Marketmore 76 TS315 $0
Cucumber SMR 58 TS316 $0
Devil's Claw Colorado River R019 $0
Devil's Claw Eagle Creek R009 $0
Devil's Claw Paiute R005 $0
Devil's Claw San Carlos Apache Wild R017 $0
Devil's Claw Tohono O'odham Domesticated R004 $0
Eggplant Black Beauty TS321 $0
Gourd Mayo Bilobal M002 $0
Gourd Mayo Mix M026 $0
Gourd San Felipe Pueblo Rattle M044 $0
Gourd Santo Domingo Dipper M008 $0
Gourd Tarahumara Canteen M004 $0
Gourd Tarahumara Short-Handled Dipper M066 $0
Gourd Tarahumara Small Bule M047 $0
Gourd Zia Pueblo Canteen M075 $0
Gourd Zia Pueblo Rattle M068 $0
Greens Chichiquelite GR012 $0
Greens Tarahumara Espinaca GR004 $0
Herb Corrales Azafrán HB014 $0
Herb Genovese Basil TS536 $0
Herb Italian Large Leaf Basil TS537 $0
Herb Mammoth Dill TS510 $0
Herb Sweet Italian Basil TS535 $0
Herb Sweet Marjoram TS540 $0
Herb Tarahumara Chia HB007 $0
Herb True Greek Oregano TS516 $0
Herb Yoeme 'Alvaaka' Basil HB013 $0
Kale Dwarf Siberian TS103 $0
Kale Lacinato TS107 $0
Kale Red Russian TS105 $0
Lettuce Black-Seeded Simpson Looseleaf TS120 $0
Lettuce Buttercrunch Bibb Butterhead TS125 $0
Lettuce Cimmaron Romaine TS124 $0
Lettuce Jericho TS126 $0
Lettuce Lettuce Mix TS255 $0
Lettuce Oakleaf Looseleaf TS122 $0
Lettuce Parris Island Cos TS231 $0
Lettuce Red Saladbowl Looseleaf TS127 $0
Lettuce Tom Thumb Bibb TS232 $0
Lima Bean Hopi Gray PL080 $0
Lima Bean Hopi Red PL009 $0
Lima Bean Hopi White 'Hatiko' PL073 $0
Lima Bean Hopi Yellow PL072 $0
Lima Bean Pima Orange PL011 $0
Melon Acoma F014 $0
Melon Chimayo F003 $0
Melon Esperanza de Oro F017 $0
Melon Hopi Casaba F011 $0
Melon Melon de Castilla F016 $0
Melon Navajo Mix F009 $0
Melon Ojo Caliente F008 $0
Melon Planters Jumbo TS262 $0
Melon San Felipe F007 $0
Melon Santo Domingo Casaba F019 $0
Melon Santo Domingo Mixed F002 $0
Mustard Kyona (Mizuna) TS131 $0
Mustard Tatsoi TS132 $0
Okra Beck's Gardenville OK002 $0
Okra Eagle Pass OK004 $0
Okra Guarijio 'Nescafe' OK001 $0
Okra Texas Hill Country Red OK003 $0
Onion Chives TS507 $0
Onion Evergreen Hardy Perennial TS140 $0
Onion Red Creole TS142 $0
Onion Texas Early Grano TS143 $0
Panic Grass Guarijio O001 $0
Pea Oregon Sugar Pod II TS186 $0
Pea Southern Tarahumara Q022 $0
Pea Sugar Ann Snap TS182 $0
Pea Sugar Snap TS181 $0
Pea Tarahumara 'Chicharos' Q002 $0
Pea Tepehuan Q011 $0
Pea Velarde Q005 $0
Pea Yoquivo del Sur Q021 $0
Pepper, Sweet California Wonder TS325 $0
Radish Champion TS190 $0
Radish French Breakfast TS194 $0
Runner Bean Tarahumara Bordal PS007 $0
Sesame Benne TS280 $0
Sorghum Apache Red 'Sugar Cane' S001 $0
Sorghum Caña Ganchado S007 $0
Sorghum Gila River Caña S014 $0
Sorghum Mayo Broomcorn S003 $0
Sorghum Onavas Red S004 $0
Sorghum San Felipe Pueblo S011 $0
Sorghum Santa Fe Red S009 $0
Sorghum Tarahumara Popping S005 $0
Sorghum Tasagui S017 $0
Sorghum Texas Black Amber Molasses S006 $0
Sorghum Tohono O'odham S002 $0
Sorghum White Mountain Apache S010 $0
Squash Alamos Cushaw EA043 $0
Squash Big Max Pumpkin TS330 $0
Squash Calabeza Caliente EA047 $0
Squash Chihuahuan Pumpkin EP050 $0
Squash Escondida Calabaza EX007 $0
Squash Grey Zucchini TS332 $0
Squash Guarijio Segualca EM033 $0
Squash Hopi Pumpkin EP044 $0
Squash Magdalena Cushaw EA024 $0
Squash Moctezuma Cushaw EA042 $0
Squash Mountain Pima Calabaza Mayera EP052 $0
Squash Navajo Small Pumpkin EP051 $0
Squash Nayarit Wild Cushaw EA041 $0
Squash Nogales Cushaw EA045 $0
Squash Ojito Squash EX017 $0
Squash Papalote Ranch Cushaw EA021 $0
Squash San Felipe Pumpkin EP049 $0
Squash Silver Edged EA015 $0
Squash Spaghetti TS334 $0
Squash Tarahumara Cushaw EA046 $0
Squash Velarde EA025 $0
Squash Veracruz Pepita EA020 $0
Squash Yellow Crookneck TS333 $0
Sunflower Conservation Farm Mix I050 $0
Swiss Chard Fordhook Giant TS210 $0
Swiss Chard Rainbow Mix TS211 $0
Tepary Bean Big Fields White PT109 $0
Tepary Bean Black PT082 $0
Tepary Bean Blue Speckled PT079 $0
Tepary Bean Cocopah White PT108 $0
Tepary Bean Colonia Morelos Speckled PT118 $0
Tepary Bean Cumpas White PT110 $0
Tepary Bean Guarijio White PT115 $0
Tepary Bean Kitt Peak Wild Tepary PW105 $0
Tepary Bean Menager's Dam Brown PT119 $0
Tepary Bean Rock Corral Canyon Wild Tepary PW103 $0
Tepary Bean Sacaton Brown PT004 $0
Tepary Bean Sacaton White PT005 $0
Tepary Bean San Ignacio PT113 $0
Tepary Bean Santa Catalina Wild Tepary PW104 $0
Tepary Bean Santa Rosa Brown PT120 $0
Tepary Bean Santa Rosa White PT111 $0
Tepary Bean Sonoran White PT006 $0
Tepary Bean Tiburon Island Wild PW096 $0
Tepary Bean Tohono O'odham White PT116 $0
Tepary Bean Yellow PT077 $0
Tepary Bean Yoeme Brown PT078 $0
Tepary Bean Yoreme White PT003 $0
Tobacco Isleta Pueblo N006 $0
Tobacco Mountain Pima N010 $0
Tobacco Papante N008 $0
Tobacco San Juan Pueblo N005 $0
Tobacco Santo Domingo Ceremonial N003 $0
Tobacco Tarahumara El Cuervo N004 $0
Tomatillo Mexicali Tomatillo TM010 $0
Tomatillo Mountain Pima TM011 $0
Tomatillo Zuni TM003 $0
Tomato Ciudad Victoria TM005 $0
Tomato Moonglow TS342 $0
Tomato Nichols Heirloom TM014 $0
Tomato Prescott Heirloom TM013 $0
Tomato Texas Wild Cherry TM012 $0
Tomato VR Moscow TS341 $0
Turnip Purple Top White Globe TS220 $0
Turnip White Egg TS223 $0
Watermelon Acoma G012 $0
Watermelon Crimson Sweet TS263 $0
Watermelon Jumanos G013 $0
Watermelon Mayo Sandia G006 $0
Watermelon Rio Mayo Sakobari G004 $0
Watermelon San Juan G008 $0
Watermelon Santo Domingo Winter G015 $0
Watermelon Sweet Dakota Rose TS265 $0
Wheat Pima Club WH003 $0
Wheat White Sonora WH001 $0