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Olla Bottle


A new form to an ancient technology. Olla bottles are made of unglazed, low-temperature fired terra cotta clay. They are buried in the garden allowing the water to seep into the soil right where the roots need it. Fill your olla periodically as the water level lowers. The moisture is drawn out through the porous walls as the roots of the surrounding plants require. This eliminates wasteful runoff and evaporation. Users also report that plants are happier and healthier because they receive constant moisture.

The bottle shape is perfect for containers but is also appropriate for raised and sunken garden beds. The bottle shape does not use up as much space as traditional pear or gourd shaped ollas allowing for more root growth in containers where space may be limited.

The top of the bottle is glazed which helps prevent chipping and evaporation. Includes lid.

Size is approximately 10" tall and 3" round. Capacity is approximately 1.4 liters. Ideal if placed every 2-3 feet apart. Use in containers at least 18-24" in diameter.

Locally made in Tucson, Arizona.



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