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Olla Ball Kit


A twist on an ancient technology to water your garden. Saves water and time.

Olla balls use gravity fed water from your reservoir such as a 5 gallon bucket or your rain water harvesting barrel. There is no need for electricity, timers, or mechanical components. The olla balls are buried in the ground, and you simply plant above it.  We recommend one ball per plant. Olla balls work on a gravity principle to where water travels by gravity via plastic tubing to the terracotta clay olla balls. As the soil dries water is drawn out from the olla ball and delivered right to the root zone.

Due to them being completely buried underneath your plant we have found that not only do you save up to 80% of water in your garden, but your plants are rarely stressed due to them having constant water, on demand. They have shown to produce more fruit than traditional drip, hand-watering, or a sprinkler system. 

The system is fun and easy to install because all that you need is a bulb planting device (or a shovel) scoop out your dirt, place the olla ball in the hole and plant. A leak is easy to spot, because the top soil will be wetter than normal. Drain holes are not necessary in potted plants with the olla ball because only the amount of water needed is drawn from the balls.

Olla balls can be used in raised or sunken beds and containers. They are also appropriate for vegetable as well as landscape plants.

The kit includes: 6 olla balls, a reservoir with lid, 6 1/4" tee fittings, 1 float valve, 1 1/4" shut off valve, Approx. 10' 1/4" poly supply line, and a set of detailed instructions for how to set up the system.

Locally made in Tucson, Arizona.



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