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Cards by Flor De Mayo Arts


Blank notecards, featuring assorted prints by Tucson artists Martha Ames Burgess and Virginia Wade Ames. On the reverse side of each card, there is a detailed description of the subject - plant, natural landscape or historic building. Cards are 4x5 inches.

Available cards:

Apache Red Corn: Has been grown traditionally in the high-desert homelands of the Apache - what is now central Arizona and New Mexico. The variety grown by Native Seeds/SEARCH gardeners was given to USDA researchers long ago by farmer-elders. It color at harvest ranges from dark purple to red and rose - a bright phase viewed here by artist Martha Ames Burgess.

Hopi Red Amaranth: Known as komo in Hopi, is used for coloring the traditional ceremonial piiki bread. It's deep burgundy-red foliage can be steamed and eaten as young "greens," and the shiny black seeds are high in protein. For watercolorist Martha Ames Burgess, it's also a showy summer ornamental in her Native Seeds/SEARCH heirloom garden.

Yin and Yang: Describes the complementary "succulent sculpture" of the color-shifting Santa Rita Prickly Pear beneath arching foliage of the Octopus Century Plant. The flat purple stems of Opuntia santa-rita and smooth leaf of Agave vimoriniana are caught in the play of light and shadow.



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