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Purple Queen Garlic


Purple Queen is an heirloom garlic originally from Hermosillo, Mexico and grown in Arivaca, Arizona for years. Soft-neck variety, occasional hard-neck characteristics present. Flavor is amazing! Mildly spicy when fresh harvested that mellows throughout storage. A wonderful sweet flavor when roasted.

This garlic was organically grown at the NS/S Conservation Farm in Patagonia, AZ. Garlic bulbs are untreated and ready to plant in the garden or use in the kitchen. Garlic is a cool season crop and planted in the Fall (Oct-Nov).

Garlic prefers a rich soil high in organic matter and that drains well. Separate the cloves just prior to planting. Select the largest cloves for planting. Plant 6” apart, root end down, pointed end up. Cover with 2” of soil and a layer of mulch. Sprouts will appear in 4-8 weeks depending upon weather conditions. Garlic can tolerate frost and freezes. Keep weeded.  In the Southwest, harvest in early June.  Further instructions included.

Each garlic head includes approx. 6-8 cloves.  Limit 5 heads per order, please.

Availability of Garlic is seasonal.
type: Seeds vendor: NS/S