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Tohono O'odham 60-Day


Extremely fast maturing desert-adapted corn traditionally grown with the summer rains in the 'ak-chin' floodwater fields of the Tohono O'odham from southern Arizona. "60-day" refers to the time it takes for ears to develop in Southern Arizona if planted with the monsoon rains. Likely will take longer in other regions and other planting times. Produces short (6-10") ears with white kernels on short plant stalks. Occasional blue kernels may be present. Traditionally this variety is roasted and dried when the corn is in the milk stage, called Huuñi Ga'i. This variety is a farm favorite for making fresh ground masa for tortillas after the dried kernels are soaked in an alkaline solution through a process called nixtimalization. The plants are remarkably tough - in our 2012 growout in Tucson, this variety produced on rainwater alone. Approx. 14g/50 seeds per packet.


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